Carus Updates

Open 4BBB 24/11/2023

1st J Brookwell & S Connor 47pts 2nd N Hart & L Ellwood 47pts 3rd M Tordoff & G Grinstead 47pts 4th D & G Garner 46pts 5th D Chatterton &  M…

Winter League Leg 2

Division 1 1st J Procter 43pts 2nd P Aplin 42pts 3rd A Gregory 41pts 4th M Hudson 40pts Division 2 1st S Allen 48pts 2nd O Wilkinson 47pts 3rd D Chatterton 45pts 4th G Oram 44pts Nearest Pins 1. M Duckworth

18. D Sephton

Open Texas 12/11/2023

1st Lawson, Miller, Dickenson, Shackley 59 - 5.2 = 53.8 2nd Wright, Aindow, Pawlett, Murray 60 - 5.5 = 54.5 3rd Heys, Pattinson, Nuttall, Atkinson 61 - 5.9 =…

November Medal

Elite Division 1st D George 63nett Gross M Jackson 65 Division 1 1st B Muir 59nett 2nd L Ridings 63nett 3rd K Todd 63nett Gross A Gregory 71 Division 2 1st I Hartley 62nett 2nd D Machell 63nett 3rd C Rigg 64nett Gross R Sidenbank 84 Nearest Pins 1. P Aplin

18. C Rigg



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Remembrance Stableford

Elite Division 1st J Baines 44pts 2nd J Lowis 43pts Division 1 1st M Billington 46pts 2nd P Apsey 46pts 3rd A Clarkson 43pts 4th B Muir 43pts Division 2 1st D McClure 51pts 2nd B Rainford 50pts 3rd I Hartley 48pts 4th J G Wilson 47pts Nearest Pins 1. F Dennison

18. W Park

Club Stableford

Division 1 1st A Airey 45pts 2nd D Taylor 45pts 3rd M Wilson 45pts 4th D Dickson 43pts Division 2 1st D Ferguson 46pts 2nd T Tomlinson 46pts 3rd J Swindlehurst 43pts 4th S Barclay 43pts Neartest Pins 1. L Smith

18. A Earl

Open 4BBB 29/10/2023

1st O Edwards & J Blamire 50pts 2nd M Clinton & D George 49pts 3rd S Rigby & P Ashworth 49pts 4th S Askew & J Duff 49pts 5th P Faulkner & P…

Winter League 1

Division 1 1st A Gregory 45pts 2nd M Clinton 43pts 3rd M Palmer 43pts 4th W Park 43pts Division 2 1st D Machell 48pts 2nd H Hawkins 46pts 3rd J Archer 45pts 4th A Askew 43pts Nearest Pins 1. M Hudson

18. J Lowis

2 From 4 Team Open 20/10/2023

1st Rigg, Swindlehurst, Palmer, Greenwood 99pts 2nd Parkin, Cartmell, Richardson, Hawkins 96pts 3rd Hayhursts's & Smithies' 89pts 4th Haslam, Chatterton, Webster,…

Individual Stableford Pro's Open

1st P Grattan 44pts 2nd S Selby 44pts 3rd C Briggs 43pts 4th B Rainford 43pts 5th J Blackburn 42pts 6th T Tomlinson 42pts TWO'S Selby, J Wilson, Hawkins, Chatterton, Lowis, Baines, Stearne

M Wilson, Hudson x 2, T George, Graham, Rainford, Fearon,

Clarkson, Atkinson, Seed, Clinton, Swindlehurst, Askew

J Blamire x 3, G Wilson, Grattan, P Whitehead, T Whitehead, Shepherd

Nearest Pin 1. J Lowis

18. C Foley

Open Texas 08/10/2023

1st Timperley, Butterworth, Scally, Tomlinson 60 - 6.9 = 53.1 2nd Irvings', Graham, Tracey 60 - 6.4 = 53.6 3rd Blamire, Robinson, Edwards, Hornby 54 - 0.2 = 53.8 4th Heron,…
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