Thanks for a Totally Terrific Trilby Tour!


Now the dust has settled on Carus Green's entry into the Trilby Tour, I would like, on behalf of Maurice and I, to pass on some thanks.

To William Hunt and his production team for choosing our little course to put on his wonderful show.

To every single member of the amazing Carus Green team who worked so hard to make this event happen. The Trilby tour has been going for 10 years and the organisers and countless players were insistent that we have the friendliest, most dedicated professional team they have ever seen. Many players said it was the best event yet staged. The course, the welcome, and the hospitality were simply magnificent.

To all the Carus members and friends who donned the red coat and helped manage the day to perfection... the setting up team, on the scoreboard, at registration, the parking (thanks Fred for the loan of your field!!), the first tee team (Dave you were born for the stage) and all the caddy volunteers. You made it happen.

To the 100s of spectators who gave us the most incredible spectacle all day. In the play off, on the 18th Green, and the shoot out, the atmosphere was electric and I have no doubt will look very special on TV in October.

To all the competitors from near and far. We made so many new friends who I know will return to our corner of the Lakes again and again, either with or without a Trilby!

To Carus members Sam Wilson and Gareth Hudson, who came through the legendary 100 yard shoot out to book their place in the Trilby Tour final in August. Book your place on the Carus tour bus to support them!

To Maurice's son, Max Cotter, for stepping up to the challenge, for getting interviewed live on Sky, and for handling himself with so much grace and class.

Finally to our sponsors. As always, it is their support that makes this happen. So to AJM decorating, Steve Selby Builders, James Airey floor covers, and Mark Billington Design and Plumbers a very special thank you.

The key man however, who allowed all this to happen, was our main sponsor Kenny Curran, the dealer principle of Kentdale Jaguar and Land Rover. Without Kenny and Kentdale putting their might into this extraordinary day it would simply never have happened. We have an excellent bond with Kentdale and I hope this experience has made it stronger still. Thank you Kenny.

So if you had a good day down here, saw us live on Sky Sports News, or will watch us on Sky later in the year, think of Kenny and Kentdale, the sponsors, the Carus team and volunteers who made this dream a reality.

Well done Carus. You have made me very proud.


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