Why take golf lessons?

Do I really need golf lessons?

Whether you have played golf for years or are just starting out in this great sport the answer is still the same, yes lessons will definitely help! No matter what level you play at or what handicap you have, taking lessons from a PGA Professional is the most effective way to improve your game and ultimately give you more enjoyment from it.

Top 5 reasons to take golf lessons

  • Benefit from a professional set of eyes with years of experience to assess your game
  • Receive advice and practice drills specific to you for ongoing improvements
  • Assessment of your equipment to ensure correct fitting and maximum benefit gains
  • Realise your potential including hitting the ball further, straighter and more consistently
  • Prevent bad habits forming by understanding the complexities of your golf swing; what happens, why it happens and how to improve it

Why choose Carus Green for your golf lessons

Here at Carus Green our Gary Wolstenholme Golf Academy is one of the leading facilities in the north of England. With full professional tuition and swing analysis we provide the ultimate golf experience and learning whether you are a scratch golfer or complete beginner. We work with you to determine individual goals providing lessons in either bespoke teaching bays, artificial short game area or on the 18 hole championship course. The more you can progress and improve your game the more you will enjoy it and there is nothing like that feeling when you pull off a great shot.

PGA Professionals at Carus Green?

Our 5 PGA Professionals have over 80 years experience between them coaching at all levels from European Tour stars to beginners and can work with you to identify areas you might need to work on and the best ways to do it. We can even look at custom fitted golf equipment which can improve your distance and accuracy.

If you want to learn from the best then our team certainly have the credentials including coaching Cumbria’s junior and men’s squad, working with county players and England’s leading amateurs plus previous work with some of the greats like the late Steve Ballesteros and Ryder Cup star Nicolas Colsaerts.

Whether you want to improve your golf swing, reduce your handicap or just want to benefit from the advice and instruction of an experienced player and coach, then we can help. Everyone has the potential to improve no matter what level you play at, maybe it’s just for fun or maybe you have a more competitive goal, but our lessons will offer you the opportunity you need in a friendly and professional environment working with our talented and dedicated coaches.

Get in touch and see how we can work with you to improve your game and enjoyment of this fantastic sport.

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