Carus Updates

Team 2 From 4 - Sunday 10th March 2019

1st J. Walters, T. Burrows, A. Mayo, G. Tyson 82 pts 2nd J. Fosbury, G. Roberts, J. Bryson, L. Bryson 80 pts

Captains Drive In - Saturday 9th March 2019

1st Neil Leven 46 pts 2nd Darren Bateson 44 pts 3rd Lindsay Banks 42 pts 4th Nigel Barrow 41 pts

Ladies 123 Waltz - Thursday 7th March 2019

1st S. Dickinson, C. Hough, M. Billington 60 pts 2nd S. Unsworth, P. Thorley, C. Gray 59 pts 3rd S. King, G. Farnsworth, B. Wharf 53 pts 4th V. Sanders, A. Dufty, S.…

Lady Captains Drive In - Thursday 28th February 2019

1st Pam Thorley, Eve Clark 35 pts 2nd Brie Wharf, Sue Sharkey 35 pts 3rd Irene Wharton, Sue King 33 pts 4th Helen Grose, Margaret Brockbank 30 pts

Men's Winter Texas #5 - Sunday 24th February 2019

1st P. Bowman, M. Hosty, T. Rogerson, N. Thompson 53 nett 2nd L. Turnough, I. Caine, T. Atkinson, R. Dack 55.9 nett 3rd D. Cresswell, n. Pettitt, B. Rooney, R. Johnston 56.7…

Men's Three Sixes - Saturday 23rd February 2019

1st J. Bryson, P. Dewhurst, M. Turner 81 pts 2nd T. Bingham, J. Jones, I. Webber 80 pts 3rd L. Carradus, N. Dobson, J. Swin 80 pts 4th D. Dugdale, J. Reid, N. Rye 78…

Men's February Medal - Saturday 16th February 2019

Division 1 1st Dan Wilson (overall winner) 68 nett 2nd R. Stearne 68 nett 3rd O. Wilson 67 nett Gross K. Haggerty 75 Division 2 1st B. Metcalfe 68 nett 2nd C. May 68 nett 3rd I. Aplin Jr 68 nett Gross A. Tideswell 83

Ladies AGM Stableford - Thursday 14th February 2019

Division 1 1st Di Rawley 24 pts 2nd Marlene Billington 23 pts 3rd Irene Wharton 22 pts Division 2 1st Sally Unsworth 28 pts 2nd Pam Thorley 22 pts 3rd Brie Wharf 21 pts

Men's Winter Open #5 - Saturday 9th February 2019

1st J.C. Blacow & B. Hodgson 51 pts 2nd S. Baird & N. Tennyson 51 pts 3rd A. Coyles & J. Procter 49 pts 4th D. Mortimer & S. Ellerton 48 pts 5th N. Leven & A.…

Men's Winter League #5 - Saturday 2nd February 2019

Division 1 1st P. Apsey 47 pts 2nd S. Selby 47 pts 3rd P. McLean 46 pts 4th P. Healey 44 pts Division 2 1st C. Ferris - Overall Winner 51 pts 2nd D. Chatterton 50 pts 3rd N. Leven 48 pts 4th P. Gardner 46 pts

Winter Grill Menus


Enjoy a two or three-course meal in the Lounge Bar or Grill Restaurant.

Two Courses £14.95

Three Courses £17.95

Call 01539 721097 for more information, or see the Food & Drink or Festive sections

Team 2 Form 4 Open - Sunday 3rd February 2019

1st T. Smith, M. Smith, B. Ratcliffe & P. Naylor 106 pts 2nd C. Foley, G. Roberts, D. Taylor & D. Loffelmann 103 pts 3rd G. Rushton, N. Wharton, D. Pratt & L. Pratt 99 pts
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