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2 from 4 Team Open - Sunday 7th January 2018

1st Gilpin, Parker, Thompson, Wilson 106pts 2nd Wilsons', Carradus, Porter 103pts 3rd Horsfields', Mullin, Wilkinson 100pts 4th Carradus, Hodgson, Selby,…

Mens Winter League #4 - Saturday 6th January 2018

Division 1 1st S Baird 40pts 2nd S Selby 36pts 3rd P Healey 35pts 4th R Carradus 34pts Division 2 1st M Dixon 40pts 2nd N Rye 39pts 3rd D Bolton 38pts 4th R Johnston 37pts Nearest Pins 1 - R Game

18 - S Allen

New year's resolutions?


It’s that time of year again. We contemplate what our new year's resolutions will be with full bellies and happy festive memories of another year gone by. Perhaps you’re venturing into dry January?

Winter Texas Scramble Open #3 - Sunday 30th December 2017

1st R & R Nelson, M & S Dixon 50.8 2nd R Carradus, S Selby, J Proctor, B Hodgson 52.3 3rd N Taylor, B Rice, M Baker, D Holderness 52.4 4th A Tallentire, G Rylands, K…

The Lake District - The perfect wedding location


We count ourselves lucky everyday to be based here in the glorious Lake District, so this week we thought we would share our top 6 reasons that we believe the Lake District (and Carus Green!) is the

Mens Winter League #3 - Saturday 16th December 2017


Division 1

1st S Allen 46pts 2nd S Baird 45pts 3rd P Apsey 45pts 4th A Glaister 42pts

Division 2

1st L Banks 51pts 2nd D Day 51pts 3rd N…

Graham's 2017 Review


Welcoming Mick and Kris to the team!


Winter 4BBB Open #3 - Saturday 9th December 2017

1st N Milsom & C Ferris 52pts 2nd N Leven & G Dodds 52pts 3rd C & J Greenwood 51pts 4th S Bingham & P Donovan 50pts Two's Webster, Leven, Hillman, Capstick, Jackson, Ruck, Webber, Esposito

Jamie Greenwood (Hole in One!), J Bryson, Ryan Wilson, Taylor

Nearest Pins 1st - J Blacow

18th - T Ruck

Why take golf lessons?


Do I really need golf lessons?

Whether you have played golf for years or are just starting out in this great sport the answer is still the same, yes lessons will definitely help! No matter what level

Turket Trot - Saturday 2nd December 2017

Men 1st Ryan Wilson 42pts 2nd Dave Loffelmann 41pts 3rd Bob Davies 40pts 4th Jack Procter 40pts 5th Steve Hogg 40pts

Ladies 1st Irene Wharton 34pts 2nd Sarah Glover 33pts 3rd Barbara Hawker 32pts Two's Fosbury, Game, Rigg, Haggerty, Knowles, Davies, Richard Wilson

Nearest Pins 1 - Richard Wilson

18 - Bob Davies

3 Sixes Competition - Saturday 25th November 2017

1st Ridings, Ridings, Kay 85pts 2nd L Wilson, Taylor, Loffelman 83pts 3rd Sephton, Knowles, Oram 81pts 4th Baird, Day, Tennyson 80pts Two's Donnovan, Cairns, Sephton, Irons, Ellerton, R Wilson, Ridings

Nearest Pins 1st - G Irons

18th - L Banks

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