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Carus Green Texas Scramble Open #7 - Sunday 15th April 2018


J & L.Bryson, J & P.Fosbury

58.1 2nd

J & P Ingram, B.Jerstick, T.Wilson

58.9 3rd

B.Howard, D.Lister, B.Dixon, S.Wigham


Next Texas Scramble Open - Friday

Mens April Medal - Saturday 14th April 2018

Division 1 1st R.Johnston (Overall Winner) 61nett 2nd J.Greenwood 64nett 3rd M.Wilson 67nett Best Gross: K.Haggerty - 75 Division 2 1st S.Dixon 66nett 2nd D.Wilson 68nett 3rd J.Blacow 69nett Best Gross: A.Tideswell - 87 Nearest Pins 1. R.Beaty

18. P.Dewhurst

Ladies Stableford - Thursday 12th April 2018

Division 1 1st Linda Lancaster 38pts 2nd Margaret Bebington 34pts 3rd Lesley Bryson 31pts Division 2 1st Avril Standing 37pts 2nd Brie Wharf 32pts 3rd Christine Hough 30pts

Ladies Iron Lady & Stableford - Thursday 5th April 2018

Iron Lady 1st Helen Grose 76 nett 2nd Ellie Broome 77 nett 3rd Penny Atkinson 80 nett Stableford 1st Veronica Sanders 31pts 2nd Marlene Billington 30pts 3rd Sandra Dickinson 27pts

Men's Coathup Trophy - Saturday 31st March 2018

Division 1 1st S. Tripney (overall winner) 4up 2nd M. Kay 1up 3rd K. Mason 1up 4th D. Sephton Level Division 2 1st D. Wilson 4up 2nd R. Johnston 4up 3rd C. Walmsley 4up 4th A.Bingham


Nearest Pins 1. J. Bryson

18. D. Sephton

Introducing our new Premier Collection…


We are extremely pleased to announce that very soon our guests will be able to choose from three newly developed properties. Adding to our existing collection of Lake District luxury accommodation,

Swings of Spring!


Spring has officially sprung and we couldn’t be happier. It’s that perfect time of year when flowers are blooming, skies are blue, lambs are born… it’s just stunning. Plus of course, it’s the perfect

The Trilby Tour returns!


We're incredibly pleased to say that we will be hosting the Trilby Tour once again this year - The UK's fiercest amateur tournament! 

Pre Championship Qualifying Events - Win a place


Food glorious food


There is nothing better than enjoying delicious food with good company and stunning views. There is something rejuvenating about soaking up the atmosphere, staring out at the hills stretching for

Luxury, affordable accommodation on the edge of the Lake District


If you’re looking for an ideal location to unwind and relax, our superb range of accommodation options suit all needs and budgets. Set on the edge of the charming town of Kendal, our ultra-stylish

2 from 4 Team Open - Sunday 7th January 2018

1st Gilpin, Parker, Thompson, Wilson 106pts 2nd Wilsons', Carradus, Porter 103pts 3rd Horsfields', Mullin, Wilkinson 100pts 4th Carradus, Hodgson, Selby,…

Mens Winter League #4 - Saturday 6th January 2018

Division 1 1st S Baird 40pts 2nd S Selby 36pts 3rd P Healey 35pts 4th R Carradus 34pts Division 2 1st M Dixon 40pts 2nd N Rye 39pts 3rd D Bolton 38pts 4th R Johnston 37pts Nearest Pins 1 - R Game

18 - S Allen

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